Restoration is complete at Heredia Comandancia, heritage center says

The restoration of the  Comandancia de Heredia is completed and the structure will again be turned over to the security ministry in a ceremony today.

The structure in Heredia Centro has long been listed by the  Centro de Conservación Patrimonio Cultural. The building was in bad shape even though it was being used every day.

The 440-million-colon ($815,000) project restored just about everything, including the cells. The  Centro de Patrimonio said the Comandancia now appears the same what it was when it was built in the 19th century. Any parts that were not original have been removed, and areas that had not been used because of the bad condition have been opened up again, said the centro.

There was a lot of documentation about how the structure appeared originally, the centro said. The redone structure also meets the requirements for disable access, said the centro.

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