Robbery suspect, 29 illegals snagged in city sweep

A multi-agency force swept through a downtown section of  San José Tuesday and turned up 29 illegal persons.

The police and representatives of other agencies visited 32 businesses, many of them bars or strip clubs.

Involved were the Policía Municipal, the immigration police, the tax police, the Patronato de la Infancia, which is the child protection agency, and traffic police.

Officers were able to encounter one man who was the subject of an arrest warrant for aggravated robbery.

The sweep was to the west and south of the center of town along  Avenida 8 and Calle 6. This is an area where there are a number of bars and adult entertainment operations best described as seedy.

The tax police were able to locate a storage facility that contained 700 bottles of alcohol. The owners of the bottles were unable to produce a sales document showing taxes have been paid, police said.

During the sweep officers said they were able to detain one man who was accused of stealing a wallet from a women in a bar. He seemed to have been unaware of the police presence.

Offices also confiscated a revolver that was being carried illegally.

The sweep is believed to be part of the effort promised by the new administration of the security ministry to concentrate on prevention.

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