Scamsters targeting users of mobile banking system

Authorities are warning Banco Nacional customers to not give out their pin number over the phone to possible scammers. A release issued by the bank said to be on the look out for fraudsters who are calling people and telling them they’ve won awards from well-known television shows.

Customers are then told to give the caller their mobile banking pin number, as the callers say they will immediately transfer the winnings into their account. A group of suspects have already been apprehended, according to police.

Banco Nacional officials say that the bank’s security system functions for mobile banking and reiterated the advice for customers to not hand out security information to third parties. The bank’s security director, Roberto Méndez, gave a list of recommendations for anyone who receives a suspicious call.

He said to not trust those calling over the phone who are promising economic rewards in exchange for banking information. He also advised that customers consult a registered number with the bank when they want to verify information or feel they received a scam call.

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