School strike continues even as payment is made

The public school teacher strike continues today even though the central government was supposed to deposit funds to cover non-payment and under payments.

The Sindicato de Trabajadoras y Trabajadores de la Educación Costarricense said Monday night that teachers will gather again at various places in the country today. This may mean more highway and street blockages.

In San José the gathering will be sought of the La Merced church, most likely in Paseo Colón.

The teacher union noted that the only action that can end the strike would be a decision by all the teachers.

These regional assemblies also will provide the union leadership information as to whether teachers have been paid. The union has set up a system of email and other methods so that teachers can report under payments or lack of payments.

The Ministerio de Educación Pública was supposed to begin making electronic payments at 8 p.m. starting with the regular salaries. Teachers have complained about lack of payment or underpayments since January.

The strike began May 5.

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