Seven lawmakers unite to promote the Caribbean

The province of Limón now has its own caucus in the legislature.

Seven lawmakers from six political parties have formed a group to push for development in the Caribbean province.

They are Danny Hayling of Liberación, Luis Vásquez of the Partido Unidad Social Cristiana, Gerardo Vargas of Frente
Amplio, Abellino Esquivel of Renovación Costarricense, Carmen Quesada of Movimiento Libertario  and Marlene Madrigal and Epsy Campbell, both of Acción Ciudadana.

A statement said that the lawmakers would push for widening of Ruta 32, the generation of economic and educational opportunities, security, development of the ports and airport, agricultural development, the promotion of tourism, the promotion of a special economic zone for the Chinese, the construction of a new petroleum refinery and promotion of the government project Limón Ciudad Puerto.

The group also seeks to change the Costa Rican Constitution to declare the country multiethnic and also establish autonomy for the native populations, the group said.

The lawmakers said they would meet next Tuesday with Ann Mc Kinley, who now heads the state agency that runs the ports in the province.

The group is calling itself the Fracción Caribe.

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