Shrimp fishermen urging response to Sala IV ban

Shrimp fishermen are urging a quick approval of a law that is designed to get them back in business.

The Sala IV constitutional court banned trawler shrimp fishing due to damage to turtles and the coral. The court said that licenses should not be renewed when they run out.

The Cámara Puntarenense de Pescadores said it wants the shrimp fishing regulated the way the U.N. Food an Agricultural Organization requires, although it did not give specifics. The organization also said it wants the Instituto Costarricense de Pesca y Acuicultura to regulate the price of fish so they can have a successful business. The fishing chamber also wants government aid to regulate the price of fuel.

In addition, the chamber wants a meeting with  Gustavo Meneses, who is the new head of the fishing institute.

The law the chamber wants to see passed was put together by some lawmakers from Puntarenas in the wake of the Sala IV decision. It is an effort to circumvent the high court decision protecting the turtles and the coral.  Turtles frequently are caught and drowned in the trawler nets.

The chamber said the ban on shrimp fishing would hurt thousands of families in the area.

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