Solís will continue his tradition of sign language use

President Luis Guillermo Solís, said Tuesday afternoon that his sign language interpreter from his campaign will be a regular at all his public appearances.

The woman, Estefanía Carvajal, translated the president’s speeches into the linguaje de señas de Costa Rica or  LESCO.

The president also said that he soon was opening a video channel for the deaf community.  Casa Presidential estimated that there are about 70,000 Costa Ricans who rely on sign language.

The Costa Rican sign language is close to that used in the United States, according to academic sources.

Although there is an earlier form, most persons under 60 use LESCO, according to the sources.

The parents of Ms. Carvajal are deaf and she has studied the sign language formally.

Casa Presidencial noted that Solís was following several laws related to disabled rights including Ley 7600, which mandates equal opportunity.

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