Some municipalities seek hydro project moratoriums

The  Municipalidad de Coto Brus has placed a moratorium on the installation of hydroelectric projects, environmental sources say.

There are a handful of private projects planned for that area.  There are perhaps 60 projects that are involved in one way or another with the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad, the nation’s major power generator.

The concerns do not seem to be environmental, but there is a fear that so many private hydro projects will result in the privatization of power production

Other municipalities in the southern zone also are considering moratoriums, the source said and also reported that Upala in the north and  Guatuso also are considering such action.

The municipalities are saying they want more citizen involvement with the decisions. However, one problem is that the local governments  do not have staffers who can evaluate the projects, the environmentalists said.

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