The first May rain is like springtime in Costa Rica

Costa Ricans miss out on the arrival of spring because springtime is here all the time.

Consequently there are not great reams of poetic praise to the turn of the season as can be found in the writings of Chaucer, Shakespeare and Robert Burns.

What Costa Rica has instead is a highly suitable replacement: The first rains of May. The cleansing rain also signals rebirth even though a lot of local flowers have beaten nature to the punch. Still the grass and much of the foliage still needs a series of driving rains to bounce back.

The rains are an appropriate topic because thunderstorms have sailed through the Central Valley for the last three days. Indeed, the rainy season is at its start.

The Teatro Nacional is taking advantage of the seasonal change. An exposition has been mounted called “Mayo en Verde.”  The art show is based on the poem “Trópico Verde” by Isaac Felipe Azofeifa. A dozen artists were asked to create a work that reflected a line in the poem. The exposition was juried.

Azofeifa, a Universidad de Costa Rica professor, is considered one of the country’s greatest 20th century literary figures. He was a one-time associate of Pablo Neruda. He also was a founder of the Partido Liberación Nacional, an ambassador and later a presidential candidate for a splinter party. He died in 1997 and has a list of works ranging from the late 1950s to almost the time of his death.

The artists are Ana Griselda Hine, Claudio Cabezas, Dunia Molina, Fabio Herrera, Hannia Ruin, Luis Chacón, Luis Alonso Ramírez, Marvin Castro, Mario Maffioli, Miguel Hernández, Roberto Lizano and Xinia Matamoros.

The works will be on display until June 11 at the theater’s  Galería López Escarré in association with the cafe there.

Meanwhile, expats can experience their own green May simply by stepping outdoors and inhaling the natural perfume that remains after the rains have passed.

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