Tourism chamber elects man from Turrialba

Pablo Abarca Mora has been named as the president of the Cámara Nacional de Turismo. He is the  head of the Cámara de Turismo de Turrialba.

Just like the new minister of Turismo, Wilhelm von Breymann, Abarca has experience working as a businessmen in the industry. Abarca worked with the tourist transport agency Transportes Edmoro de Turrialba.

He will be joined on staff by new vice president Gustavo Araya, who is a hotel businessman. Abarca said the new staff at the chamber, also known as Canatur, is eager to get to work to accelerate the tourism industry. The term is for two years.

“It’s necessary that Canatur takes on the sector’s voice and will be a priority to traverse the country, visit businesses, and converse with the tourism groups in Costa Rica,” Abarca said. “Regarding the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo, I hope to have a cordial relationship in terms of coordination and institutional support.”

At the Monday meeting announcing his appointment to head the chamber, Abarca said his staff will carry on and back a 10-year project created by his predecessor, Isabel Vargas, that includes a vision for furthering the sector’s development.
“I fully endorse Canatur’s proposal of having a state policy for tourism because its been a plan that has the sector’s support and has been supported with serious arguments that we will continue,” he said.

Abarca also mentioned that there are concerns with the chamber’s infrastructure that need to be solved. He added that his team will try to increase the chamber’s overall role in the sector by focusing heavily on promotion tactics to draw more visitors to Costa Rica.

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