Worker’s insurance has no limit, INS says

The Instituto Nacional de Seguros said Monday that the worker’s compensation policy that it issues does not have a limit.

It made the comment as it announced the placement of two modern wheelchairs for two patients who had been injured in labor accidents. The cost of the two chairs totaled $44,000, the state insurance firm, known as INS, said.

The policy is called  riesgos del trabajo in Spanish. Employers are charged based on the size of the payroll and the type of business.

A.M. Costa Rica has pointed out the need for expats who even have just a part time domestic employee to obtain a form of this policy. The coverage sometimes can be found in a comprehensive homeowner policy. Absent the policy, the expat is liable for the medical bills of workers. These can be substantial.

The two recipients of the wheelchairs are at least 67 percent disabled. The wheelchairs were adapted and adjusted for each patient, the insurance firm said. The company characterized them as rentistas, meaning they will be compensated for their injuries for life.

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