911 calls alert police to early morning cases of criminal activities

Calls to the national emergency number, 911, figured in two cases where police frustrated the plans of crooks early Sunday.

In San Felipe de Alajuelita occupants spotted a man acting suspiciously.  Fuerza Pública officers arrived and the would-be intruder engaged officers in a firefight, they said.

The prime suspect, a man identified by police with the last names of Hidalgo Hernández suffered a bullet wound to the head, according to the Fuerza Pública and the Judicial Investigating Organization.

When he was detained, judicial agents said he was the subject of an arrest warrant alleging the illegal carrying of a firearm.  He was undergoing surgery in Hospital San Juan de Dios in critical condition. The shooting was about 6 a.m. Sunday.

Police confiscated the man’s motorcycle and a bag that contained five firearms.

Earlier Sunday morning masked men broke into a restaurant that was closed in Aguas Zarcas de Ciudad Quesada. There they found the owner, Carlos Salas, and four companions. The three intruders put all but the owner into a bathroom then cleaned out the cash drawer and liquor cabinet.

Then they took the owner next door to his home. His wife saw what was taking place and called the emergency number, according to the

Here are the five firearms confiscated after a firefight.

Here are the five firearms confiscated after a firefight.

Judicial Investigating Organization.

The bandits also took jewelry and money at the home.

Police arrived in time to chase the men in the owner’s stolen car some 20 kilometers. They said the bandits abandoned the vehicle and took to the hills. Police were searching for them on the ground and from the air later Sunday.

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