Border police busy confiscating drugs

Border police tallied more than 25 separate confiscations this weekend in La Cruz de Guanacaste at the Nicaraguan border. Authorities found around 7,000 units of unlicensed pharmaceutical drugs being smuggled into the country. The drugs came in a variety of forms like injectable medicines, syrups, ointments, and pills.

According to a report from the Fuerza Pública, the border police also confiscated food products and alcohol, none of which had written permission from customs. In all, the weekend’s captured supply is estimated to be around 10 million colons, or $18,000.

The statement added that border police have now confiscated 23,000 illegal prescription drugs in the last two months. Since Semana Santa, the area has yielded two tons worth of smuggled products, from clothing and tech accessories to drugs and alcohol.

All busts took place at Peñas Blancas, San Dimas, and Valle Verde.

Meanwhile, in Golfito police at the famous checkpoint at Kilometer 35 spotted a vehicle carrying five flat screen televisions. Police confiscated them when the driver could not show a sales ticket. Police said they suspect he brought them over from Panamá.

Police pose with confiscated flat screen televisions.

Police pose with confiscated flat screen televisions.

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