Endangered trees face threats from wood crooks near Liberia

Another load of wood has come into police hands, and officers said the 26 slabs came from the protected cocobolo.

The wood was inside an enclosed vehicle that police stopped Sunday in El Salto de Liberia. Illegal logging is a continual problem, particularly in Guanacaste. The Fuerza Pública said three men were in the truck.

In this case, the men showed documents that were supposed to come from the environmental ministry giving permission for the lumbering. Police said the documents were fakes.

All of the men were from the area.

The cocobolo is valued highly for furniture and other decorative uses.

The men will face a court action in Liberia. Police officers said that the men had been turned in by an anonymous caller.

Such valuable lumber is a temptation in rural areas where a day of work can pay off handsomely. Police probably catch few of the offenders.

Police officer inspects the confiscated cargo.

Police officer inspects the confiscated cargo.

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