Government and teachers finally agree to end strike

By planting their signatures on the latest proposal, the country’s education officials have finally put an end to the strikes that kept many public school teachers out of classrooms for five weeks.

Teacher unions issued the list of demands with oversight from the Catholic Church Monday. Similar to past proposals, this document requires the government to supply full payments for all unpaid salaries from February to May. In all cases, the state has 72 hours to make the payments. The document also calls for the formation of a high-level commission to investigate the Integra2 payroll system at the root of the pay catastrophe.

Minister of Educación Sonia Marta Mora Escalante said Monday that the government was willing to accept the latest list of demands as long as teachers put a stop to all strikes.

“The proposal is reasonable and, although it demands an extraordinary effort, the administration is in capacity to respond to our teachers’ demands,” Minister Mora said.

Region by region, divisions of the Asociación Nacional de Educadores voted to pass the agreement and return teachers to school.

A group of union heads, government officials, and the archbishop of San José then met to sign the final document Monday afternoon. According to the document, the government cannot levy any sanctions against teachers for missing school time while striking.

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