Guanacaste developer says he plans a major announcement July 2

The developer behind a near-billion-dollar project in Guanacaste said a July 2 announcement will soon kick the long-stalled proposal into gear. Blueprints for the design promise casinos, hotels, and a Jack Nicklaus signature golf course that will all be powered chiefly through solar energy.

Heading the lofty operation are Craig Williamson, a local real estate developer, and Frank Biden, younger brother of the United States vice president. Williamson said Biden and he visited with President Luis Guillermo Solís over lunch June 3 to discuss development plans. He said he has photos from their short meeting but could not release them until the announcement date.

A Guanacaste-area lawyer, Juan Francisco Ruíz, has said that he is currently representing a client in a criminal fraud case against Williamson. He said the trial is supposed to commence at the end of July.

Williamson denied any knowledge of the case in a telephone call Tuesday.

When speaking of business, Williamson pointed out that two new hotel groups have recently joined in on plans for the Guanacaste Country Club. The project already included space for three casinos, a convention center, and a medical clinic in its plans. Representatives in the municipality of Liberia have said within the past two months that they are not aware of any such development.

Williamson said all phases of the massive construction will start rolling after the announcement in two weeks. Although, he added, he would prefer to let news of the commencement not be limited to one big unveiling, instead letting it trickle through different local news outlets to increase marketing.

If completed at the previously stated budget of $921 million, the solar energy project would mark the largest investment of its kind on Costa Rican soil. Majority funding is said to be coming from Delta Blues, a Mississippi-based company that develops casinos.

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