Intel plans a new facility for research, development

The visit by Luis Guillermo Solís to the U.S. headquarters of Intel Corp. generated an announcement that the firm would develop a center of research and development here. The center would come from the consolidation of the laboratory of manufacturing operations, said an announcement from Casa Presidencial.

The research center would handle requests from all of the firm’s locations, the announcement said.

The center means 100 new jobs in Costa Rica, although it is uncertain that they will be filled by Costa Ricans. The announcement also said that some 350 persons called collaborators would be involved. These might be academics.

Intel, of course,announced in early May that it was closing its manufacturing operations here and moving the tasks to Vietnam.

The research center is supposed to focus on the creation of prototypes, testing and validation of integrated circuits, said the announcement. The center is supposed to be in operation in the first part of next year.

Luis Guillermo Solís with Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel.

Luis Guillermo Solís with Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel.

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