Lawmaker joins with Santa Cruz residents to fight for bull riding

A lawmaker says that he will go directly to President  Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera for an urgent audience to keep the bull ring open in Santa Cruz.

The Plaza López is the site of the Fiestas de Santiago from July 25 to 27. But the Ministerio de Salud has closed the central attraction, the bull ring. The location also is the site of a similar event next January.

The lawmaker, Juan Rafael Marín Quirós, said that he seeks to solve the problem once and for all, according to a release from his Partido Liberación Nacional.

The Guanacaste lawmaker said that oral and written traditions say that the fiesta has a more-than-100-year history. Mounting a bull in the rural style, he said, is the expression of the best of the cultural riches of the province. He used the term la tradicional monta de toros al estilo rústico.

Participants also engage in traditional toro a la Tica or informal bull fighting.

Residents of the community marched last weekend through Santa Cruz to demonstrate their unhappiness and to apply pressure to the health ministry, which has declined to issue permits for the fiestas. The fiesta benefits the local Cruz Roja.

Marín also said he wants to see the ministry files of similar events for which the health ministry has issued permits over the last five years.

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