Little summer expected in the next two weeks

With lightning cracking and heavy rains raking the country in the afternoons, many Costa Ricans and expats are yearning for the veranillo de San Juan.

The country’s folklore says that the “little summer of San Juan” will begin its five-day run every June 24, according to the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional.

In fact, Saint John the Baptist maintains a flexible calendar. The weather institute says that the five days without rain, the little summer, can take place any time in the last two weeks of the month.

The condition only affects the Central Valley and the Pacific coast. The words play on the Costa Rican concept of calling the dry season from December to May summer.

The summer may not be all that welcomed in Guanacaste.  The weather institute noted that Liberia, the administrative and commercial center, had 12 dry days during the first 17 of this month.
The meteorologists blamed the El Niño condition in the Pacific for this dry spell.

Guanacaste already is experiencing drought conditions, and more dry weather would not be received well in the agricultural community.

The meteorological institute said that it could not be certain exactly when the little summer will take place in the Central Valley.

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