New decree revokes one by Ms. Chinchilla

A guideline concerning tax evaders has produced another conflict between the Luis Guillermo Solís cabinet and the preceding administration. Monday a Laura Chinchilla directive proposing the government not negotiate with tax evaders was declared unconstitutional by thenew president and scrapped.

The new guideline signed by Solís and published in La Gaceta, the official public records newspaper, now allows the state to conduct conciliations with those accused of tax evasion.

Solís denied that this signifies government playing favorites with the elites suspected of tax fraud after Ms. Chinchilla expressed concern that influential groups can compromise democratic ideals. Two major media companies, Grupo Nación and Teletica’s Canal 7, are among the ones involve in tax cases.

Ms. Chinchilla’s directive was declared unconstitutional by the president’s staff because it contradicts the powers given to the Procuraduría General and exceeds the constitutional powers given to the president, said Casa Presdiencial.

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