New planning center means 300 more jobs

Another big brand from the United States is expanding its operations within Costa Rica. Procter & Gamble executives announced they will soon create 300 more jobs in the area, adding onto the 200 positions already in place for their modern center of planning.

President Luis Guillermo Solís attended Wednesday’s inauguration ceremony with his foreign trade minister, Alexander Mora, and the president of the country’s investment promotion agency, José Rossi. Since his recent business trip to the U.S., Solís has attracted several new investments for Costa Rica. He said this latest one from Procter & Gamble shows that businesses recognize the country is becoming more influential on a global scale with a wide array of international connections.

“Today Procter & Gamble is giving us a vote of confidence and hundreds of Costa Ricans will contribute their skills to the company’s new positions,” Solís said. “I’m glad to know that multinational businesses are trusting in Costa Rica’s human talent to grow their operations.”

The new center of planning will take up four floors in the Forum 1 business center west of San José, occupying 6,000 square meters in all. This location will operate primarily with design, technology and on-site services.

Procter & Gamble’s general manager here, Tara Polanco, said the expansion demonstrates a long-term commitment to the country because it’s been such a rewarding connection for the company.

“It’s already been 15 years since Procter & Gamble arrived in Costa Rica and we’ve enjoyed a win-win relationship with the country,” Ms. Polanco said. “The authorities and communities here fill us with pride and hope over the future.”

Construction of the center of planning was initially announced in January of 2013. The facilities are expected to reach their full occupancy of 500 in 2015. This center is being promoted as the company’s flagship distributor in Latin America. Procter & Gamble also has a financial service center and a business transformation center in Costa Rica, comprising of up to 1,500 total jobs.

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