Officials optimistic after U.S. trip

President Luis Guillermo Solís concluded his week-long visit to the United States this past weekend with a few investment deals in his back pocket. Solís earned quick agreements from Intel and VMware to add to their operations in Costa Rica and held meetings with other businesses with whom the government expects to announce projects soon.

Hopping between California, New York, and Washington, D.C., the president promoted Costa Rica as a platform for foreign business to a variety of U.S. business and political leaders. Solís said what separates his nation from others in the eyes of potential investors is its talented and creative workforce, which can put Costa Rica on a track to economic success.

“We also have a long tradition of democracy, of stable institutions, and a government dedicated in working arduously to strengthen the country’s competitiveness in search of better jobs for Costa Ricans,” Solís said. “I return to Costa Rica with a message of support and confidence on behalf of the businesses that recognize Costa Rica as one of the best places to invest in.”

José Rossi accompanied Solís on the trip and said the prospects look promising for Costa Rica to attract further investments as a result of the connections made during their visit. He is president of the Coalición Costarricense de Iniciativas de Desarrollo.

“We feel very happy with the results obtained up to this moment and the heavy interest of companies into Costa Rica and the opportunities that they can offer,” Rossi said.

Solís was also joined by Minister of Comercio Exterior Alexander Mora and Director General Gabriela Llobet of the Coalición on the trip that began June 9. Mora said that the immediate results of the investment tour have exceeded their expectations and that they feel confident in Costa Rica’s future with foreign business as more companies will follow those who have already signed on.

“We are sure that in the short- and medium-term many investment projects in sectors like high-tech, health and life sciences, and sophisticated services are going to come to Costa Rica,” he said.

Intel has already announced the creation of a testing laboratory in Costa Rica that could house up to 350 jobs, while VMware representatives said they could add more than 150 jobs by 2015.

Solís and his team conducted interviews with many high-profile news services in the U.S., including the New York Times, Fortune, and the Wall Street Journal, so they could again spread the word of Costa Rica’s bright future in business.

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