Play for kids honors poet García Lorca

The national theater company is honoring Federico García Lorca, the Spanish poet executed during his country’s civil war in 1936, through the new play “Verde que te quiero verde.” Now airing at the Sala Juan Enrique Acuña in Barrio Escalante, the story follows a young gypsy boy in search of García Lorca.

“Verde que te quiero verde” came to the Costa Rican stage after co-director and actress Silvia Arce discovered the text at a literature conference in Cuba. “It’s a text that not only wanted to pay homage to all things theater and those who make plays, but also to García Lorca.”

Arce said the show combines acting with puppeteering to add another dimension to the theater experience. She added that the company has felt like it can translate its own interpretation of the text to the stage, giving it a special and personal feel.

The play won the “Best Drama for a Children’s Audience” award at the Escena Viva awards this year. It will be airing every Saturday and Sunday until July 13. Saturday show times are 2 p.m. and Sunday show times begin at both 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Tickets are 3,000 colons for general admission and 1,500 for children.

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