President gets good news on first day in U.S.

President Luis Guillermo Solís heard some good news on the first day of his trip to the United States. The tech company VMwar said it would be increasing its presence in Costa Rica.

The Palo Alto, California, software firm has about 250 employes here now and plans call for increasing that number to 400 by next year, said Casa Presidencial. The firm has a shared services center here.

Solís is in the United States to seek more investment in the country.  He and the rest of his team visited the main offices of the company Monday.

He also was scheduled to present his pitch for the country Monday night at the San Jose Repertory Theatre in California where executives from a number of top companies were gathering to hear him.

Even before he was inaugurated Solís suffered a setback when Intel Corp said it was closing its manufacturing operation here and moving it to Vietnam. Bank of America also said it was laying off employees.

Observers generally feel Solís is facing a hard sell because the fiscal policies of  his administration have not yet been established, and there is uncertainty on how he will handle a growing budget deficit. There is the possibility of big increases in taxes.

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