President will promote multi-cultural designation

The central government says it will support a constitutional amendment to declare Costa Rica to be a multicultural and multi-ethnic state.

President Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera. said that he and other candidates signed a pledge to that effect in a November meeting with persons in Limón.

In addition, the government will impanel a commission to promote and oversee the public policies that promote racial inclusion, encourage respect for cultural diversity and fight against racial discrimination.

This would be an expansion of a decree issued by former president Laura Chinchilla that only applied to the public administration.

The proposal already is in the legislature, and Solís said that he would try to expedite the measure even if he had to put it on a special agenda for consideration when the executive branch controls the issues that are discussed in the Asamblea Legislative.

The Constitution’s Articúlo 33 already says all persons are equal before the law and discrimination cannot be practiced against them contrary to human dignity.

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