Presidential Web page still not functioning

After more than 40 days in office, the new administration’s presidential Web site remains under construction. A representative from the communications department at Casa Presidencial said Wednesday the staff hopes to have the Web page at functioning by mid-August, although there is no definite release date.

Web site construction is being done by the presidential press office as an in-house job not by being contracted to an outside firm. The staffer said that the Web site will be focused around a section for suggestions and comments where citizens have a space to easily notify the Costa Rican government of any issues.

This philosophy of allowing the people a forum to speak follows Luis Guillermo Solís’ emphasis on increased transparency from governmental bodies. The Casa Presidencial Web page will also include a news section to keep people up-to-date on Solís and his cabinet in the same way his Facebook and Twitter pages do now.

Currently the site redirects to those pages as well as a link to the president’s weekly public agenda.

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