Rains close two national routes so far

Slides prompted by heavy rains Wednesday have closed at least two roads.

The Consejo Nacional de Vialidad said that Ruta 702 at Bajo Rodríguez was closed due to a series of slides along the route. The location is between San Ramón and Arenal.

Ruta 126 at Vara Blanca north of the Central Valley also was ordered closed Wednesday night for much the same reason.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said that more rain should be expected this afternoon in the Central Valley and along the Pacific coast.  The heaviest rainfall was expected to be in the mountains of Guanacaste and in the south Pacific.

The afternoon thunderstorms are a product of humid and hot mornings that encouraged evaporation.

The country is cloaked in unstable air, too, said the institute, which is typical of the rainy season. The weather institute reported that some 72 millimeters of rain, nearly three inches, fell at Juan Santamaría airport from 7 a.m. Wednesday.  That seemed to be the heaviest rainfall based on the institute’s automatic weather stations.

Meanwhile, there should be little rain along the Caribbean coast today, the forecast said.

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