Remains of missing Dutch woman found in Bocas del Toro province

Panamanian authorities have found human remains with DNA matching that of Lisanne Froon, a Dutch woman who had been missing from the Chiriquí area near the Costa Rica border since
April 1. At a Monday press conference, Betzaida Pittí, district attorney of Chiriquí, announced that investigators found the 22-year-old’s bones in the Bocas del Toro province in northeast Panamá.

Still missing is traveling companion Kris Kremers. The two travelled from Holland to Panamá in order to learn Spanish and teach local school children in Boquete.

Ms. Pittí said that Ms. Froon and Ms. Kremers have not been seen since they entered Boquete’s Pianista hiking trail nearly three months ago. However, reports of the hike have raised questions because the women would have

Lisanne Froon

Lisanne Froon

started just before sunset and they also scheduled a trail guide for the following day.

Police will continue searching for Ms. Kremers until they begin looking into any potential criminal involvement that may have played into the  abrupt disappearances.

“Right now no one is under investigation,” Ms. Pittí said. “It’s still too early for us to make any hypotheses.”

Recently the jungle area surrounding El Pianista has gotten heavy rains, making some parts inaccessible. Ms. Pittí said up to 30 investigators will continue searching for Ms. Kremers despite discouraging evidence and the harsh jungle conditions.

“We are not going to suspend the search. We are going to keep searching as we’ve been doing,” she said. “But since we’re working on a dangerous terrain we need to do things correctly.”

Last week police discovered a backpack with key possessions from the woman near the flooded Río Culubre. Days after the pack was found with cell phones and a digital camera allowed officers to narrow their search, investigators came across hiking boots belonging to the women. Ms. Froon’s remains were found an estimated eight hours walk from the beginning of El Pianista.

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