Scaly intruder gets heave-ho in Cañas

A mature crocodile, out for a little swim in the Río Cañas Wednesday, made some human bathers there a bit nervous.

The croc measures 3.5 meters or about eleven and a half feet.

Fuerza Pública officers and neighbors in the area combined forces to land the reptile, tie it up and prepare it for transport.  The animal ended up at a forest refuge managed by the environmental ministry.

Police said about 50 persons were cooling off in the river when the crocodile made an appearance.

Such reptiles have gotten bad press in May. In one case a drunk challenged the crocodiles that inhabit the Río Tárcoles near Jacó. He waded into the river against a friend’s advice. The crocodiles accepted the challenge, and his head turned up several days later.

Another body with clear indications of being gnawed by crocodiles showed up in the Río Tempisque. The circumstances of the man’s death have yet to be learned, and it is possible that someone killed him and put him into the river as a way of disposing the body and, in a way, slandering crocodiles.

Such dumping by drug dealers is common in the various territorial wars.

Crocs also can be found in the surf. The Universidad de Costa Rica has documented the genetic mix of the various groups of crocodiles that live at the mouths of rivers. Clearly male crocs go courting via the ocean to find mates at other river mouths.

Police and neighbors subdue wandering reptile.

Police and neighbors subdue wandering reptile.

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