Son’s agricultural effort runs into trouble

They seem to make wonderful houseplants, and the female of the species has wonderful flowers.

But under current law, keeping one or more Cannabis plants for decoration is frowned upon by police authorities.

Fuerza Pública officers spotted two such houseplants in the corridor of a Parrita home. They appeared to be cared for well and growing vigorously. They also were in the full view of the public.

Enter the Fuerza Pública who said they told the housewife the nature of the agricultural endeavor. She claimed innocence and said that the plants were the property of her son, said police.

Now if the home were in the U.S. State of Colorado instead of the province of Puntarenas, the plants might be no big deal.  And there is a chance that there may be some movement in the Costa Rica legislature to legalize individual use of marijuana, which already has been made legal by public opinion. Until then, the son is just going to have to get himself some more pots, because the police took the offending houseplants away, containers and all.

The offending plants

The offending plants

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