Teachers present revised proposal, but nationwide strike still is on

While government officials and teacher representatives struggle to find a solution to the long-standing strikes, the Catholic Church has now stepped in. The unions have asked church authorities to facilitate further talks with the Ministerio de Educación Púbica after both sides temporarily broke off talks last week.

Leaders from the Bloque Magisterial, Costa Rica’s teacher union collective, have worked on a new proposal. Archbishop José Rafael Quirós Quirós joined the unions as representatives carved out the new document’s stipulations Sunday in Tres Ríos.

The result was similar to what has been represented in the past.

Teachers plan to take to the streets again this morning to continue the strikes that began in early May. Minister of Educación Sonia Marta Mora Escalante said last week that the government would start docking teachers’ pay if nothing was resolved by today. However, the unions have demanded that no teacher suffers sanctions of any kind for missing work due to striking.

The proposal from the teachers after the mediation by the archbishop demanded that the government not change the school year. There have been proposals to make changes so that students could make up the time they have lost since May 5.

The proposals also seeks to reduce paperwork by allowing teachers to be paid by simply showing their cédulas de identidad.

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