There’s no reason to miss a World Cup game now

Who says you can’t do two things at once: Like driving and watching a World Cup game.

Time was when traffic police would be suspicious when a taxi driver mounted a small television on his dashboard. That took some mechanical skills and the set was pretty obvious.

No more. Electronics have shrunk, and even the state phone company is serving up devices that can be affixed easily to the rear view mirror.

No longer does a taxi driver have to miss the action while zipping along the autopista.

Such devices are sprouting up like mushrooms as World Cup fever takes hold. The Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad, the state telecom company, is offering what amounts to a free cell phone that is television-ready. The company’s World Cup promotion includes what it describes as an Avvio 814 cell phone for 20,000 colons, about $36. The device has a 2.4-inch screen, and the company is kicking in 20,000 colons worth of online time for free.

The wonders of competition.

Now no taxi driver has an excuse for not hanging one of these on the rear view mirror! And motorists can be sure as they ply the country’s streets and roads that plenty of average citizens are coming in the opposite direction with their attention divided (probably not equally) between the road and the current soccer match.

A case in point was Monday evening as the minutes counted down on the U.S.-Ghana World Cup preliminary.

There are some sections of the city where reception is not good. So a taxi driver to follow the action as the U.S. won 2-1 on a last minute goal jumped red lights and created extra lanes to reach a high spot where the signal was stronger.

No extra charge!

The almost free 3G pone.

The almost free 3G pone.

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