Traffic laws unenforced and meaningless

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

A couple of comments I would like to make

It appears that the motor vehicle laws in this beautiful country have absolutely no meaning, and no consequences. Hence the many deaths and accidents here. If motorists and cyclists, too were made to pay their fines, have their licenses suspended and their vehicle insurance doubled, there wouldn’t be no where’s near the amount of traffic accidents, deaths, and innocent people maimed for life. Also the courts would have all that extra money to help with the cost of running the government and enforcing these rules.

Many, many of us from the States obey our traffic laws, not because we are so conscientious or so ready to obey the law. We all get the urge to drive faster then we should and make ridiculous maneuvers that are so dangerous to not only ourselves but to so many innocent people. We are extremely aware of the heavy fines that are imposed, points added to our drivers licenses, the cost of paying a much higher insurance premium and jail time. These are things we are not willing to compromise and certainly do not want to be punished. So most of us obey those traffic laws. There are many who don’t, and they either wind up in jail, pay very heavy fines that leave their family in dire need, kill themselves and others or lose their privilege to drive.

Also want to say that the Hospital Calderón in San José has the most disgusting housekeeping I have ever run across in my life and the only place I have ever been in that believe it or not does not have any toilet paper in their bathrooms. It is grossly unsanitary. How do they ever expect patients to get well.

I have been wanting to let someone know of these concerns for a very long time. Not that anything will be done about it. Government here is very strange and does not deal at all fairly with the problems facing them. They allow criminals to make the rules especially those who might have gotten a driving ticket.

Judith M. Hodge/Alvarado
San Joaquin de Flores

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