Tuesday’s paper was a victim of modernization

Did you have trouble reading A.M. Costa Rica online Tuesday?  Well, we did, too.

The newspaper’s Internet provider in Los Angeles, California, brought in a new server and said that the newspaper would be delivered faster to readers.

We believe them but we have yet to see that.

The newspaper went down at 4 a.m. and came back up for about an hour at 6 a.m. Except for those times, the Tuesday edition was not available.

The problem seems to be in configuration of the news server and moving all the data. There are signs now early today (Wednesday) that tech crews at the server end are fixing the problem. We presume that we are not the only online company that was affected by the changeover.

Advertisers will receive credit for the lost day. Anyone who sent emails to A.M. Costa Rica staffers Tuesday better send them again. That service was affected, too.

This outage is the most prolonged in the history of the newspaper, and we apologize for not having taken steps earlier to create a fallback solution.

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