11 suspects held after police raids on marijuana operation in Heredia

Police broke up a large drug ring in Heredia Wednesday morning, according to a security ministry report. Officers say two Costa Rican brothers were in charge of the operation and were smuggling Jamaican marijuana into the country to then distribute.

In all, drug control officers came away with more than four kilograms of marijuana and 18 plants, along with 27 grams of cocaine and about $1,400 worth of cash.

Police detained 11 Costa Rican suspects, including one minor, for allegedly being involved in the ring. The Policía de Control de Drogas raided 12 different locations in separate towns throughout Heredia, the report said.

Celso Gamboa, the security minister, said a 34-year-old man with the last names of Morales Fallas was determined to be the operation’s boss along with his brother. A third brother had been arrested in March for aggravated robbery, Gamboa said.

The security ministry report said the investigation into this criminal organization began last September. Authorities said the trafficking of marijuana from Jamaica occurred at both small- and medium-scales in terms of the amount being brought into the country with each shipment. Gamboa said that the ring seemed to be selling about a kilogram of marijuana every week, but that their suppliers had been moving around 10 kilograms per week.

Police officer takes a sample from a brick of marijuana.

Police officer takes a sample from a brick of marijuana.

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