Attempted robbery leads to coke discovery

A situation that began with a domestic violence call to police early Tuesday morning resulted in four arrests for drug trafficking. Fuerza Pública officers were called to a house in Pozos de Santa Ana where they found two people tied up and gagged inside with two others attempting to flee via taxi.

Authorities said it obviously wasn’t a case of domestic violence that caused the call, but an inter-gang drug raid where one group was trying to steal a supply from the home.

A police report said the subjects were in possession of packets containing cocaine. According to a Fuerza Pública report, they counted 62 kilograms of cocaine total. Police also found a Glock handgun and a bulletproof vest in the house.

Police later detained the driver and passenger in the taxi. They were a Colombian and a Costa Rican.

Minister of Seguridad Pública Celso Gamboa said authorities noticed that a portion of the home’s walls had been broken with a mallet and chisel, where they found the packets of cocaine. Gamboa said there could be even more cocaine hidden throughout the house. He added that the house is thought to be a headquarters or warehouse that distributes cocaine within the country.

“Everyday these drug trafficking groups are being discovered faster and faster by our police forces,” Gamboa said.

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