Black list entity ends two-day visit

A delegation from the Organisation for Cooperation and Economic Development has concluded a two-day visit to Costa Rica.

The purpose of the visit was to layout the ground rules that Costa Rica must follow if it seeks to join the international organization.

President Luis Guillermo Solís said that joining the organization would provide opportunities for improving the public management of the country, according to a release. He promised all the effort possible to join the organization in 2015, it said.

Discussions with the organization sometimes evolve into negotiations where member countries agree on rules of the game for international co-operation, said the organization on its Web site. It added:

“They can culminate in formal agreements by countries, for example on combating bribery, on arrangements for export credits, or on the treatment of capital movements. They may produce standards and models, for example in the application of bilateral treaties on taxation, or recommendations, for example on cross-border co-operation in enforcing laws against spam. They may also result in guidelines, for example on corporate governance or environmental practices.”

This was the organization that put Costa Rica on a tax haven black list. The organization is a leader in promoting an aggressive national tax strategy.

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