Body in San Carlos was medical worker

A body turned up Wednesday morning in San Carlos covered with severe burns and stab wounds on the chest and arms. Judicial agents have identified the victim as a 38-year-old with the last name of Flores.

Agents from the Judicial Investigating Organization found the body at around 6 a.m. next to a totally burnt car in the town of Florencia, San Carlos, said an organization report. Investigators said the man worked at a local medical center and was last seen leaving his workplace at 10 p.m. Tuesday night on his way home.

An estimated 45 percent of the man’s body was burned. His body was taken to the Morgue Judicial and the car was given to judicial investigators in San Carlos for forensic tests.

In Limón a man who was shot three times showed up at the Hospital Tony Facio and died less than two hours later. He was identified by the last name of Chavarría. He was 29, the Judicial Investigating Organization said. Agents said the man came from  Penshurt de Limón.

In a non-fatal case, a woman walking through Desamparados Tuesday night was shot after two robbers tried to steal a gold chain that she was wearing. The 37-year-old woman identified by the last name of Cárdenas resisted and was shot multiple times in the chest, back, chin, and arm after she would not surrender the jewelry.

She was taken to Hospital San Juan de Dios and was reported to be in stable condition, according to a report from the Judicial Investigating Organization. The incident happened around 8 p.m. Tuesday.

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