Cuban police raid home of activist

Jose Daniel Ferrer García, executive secretary of the Unión Patriótica de Cuba, a civil rights organization protesting the Cuban government, was arrested Saturday night in his house. Cuban police also detained 11 other activists with violent force, according to Yusmila Reina Ferrera of the Unión.

Ferrer’s house located in Santiago acts as the organization’s headquarters. Police said their goal was to stop provocative actions going on at the house, including music playing from a giant screen in front of the headquarters. Ms. Reina said around 40 officers arrived at the place armed with batons, guns, and spray.

They reportedly broke down the door to the house and then destroyed much of the furniture and belongings while going through the house. Police were also said to have taken four phones, three cameras, a laptop, and the white sheet that was used for the big screen.

Ms. Reina, who was in the house at the time of the raid, is six months pregnant and said police had no consideration for her while asking her to remain calm while they collected all the evidence they could.

Some of the 12 detainees were released hours after being arrested. Many were said to be badly wounded by police. Ferrer remains in custody as Unión members decry this as a violation of their rights.

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