Gasoline and diesel will dip a bit

A dip in the price of the dollar means a drop in gasoline prices.

The Autoridad Reguladora de Servicios Públicos said that both plus and super gasoline would be reduced 6 colons a liter and that diesel would drop 9 colons.

This is the monthly price fixing by the government agency. Now the price of gasoline is based on an exchange rate of 556.29 colons to the U.S. dollar.  The new prices are based on the exchange rate of July 10, which was  539 colons to the dollar.

Expats can count on higher prices next month because the dollar already has increased to 543.36  colons, according to data early today from the Banco Central de Costa Rica. The Autoridad always is behind the curve.

The new prices are super, 810 colons a liter; plus, 782 colons a liter, and diesel 557 colons a liter. There was no change decreed in the price of liquid petroleum gas.

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