Judges reject evidence in San Carlos case

Two men, suspects in the triple murder of a La Fortuna hotel owner and his sons, were acquitted Monday after a trial in the San Carlos criminal courts.

The summary of the decision, released by the Poder Judicial, was a rebuke to investigators and judges who issued search warrants. The trial court basically threw out all the evidence at the request of the public defender. Search warrants issued by another judge also were defective, said the trial court in the decision.

The murdered man owned the Hotel Mountain Paradise. He was Geovany Soto, age 52 when the murders took place early last year. Also murdered was  Mauricio, 29, and Emanuel, 20.

The case caused a sensation because the three men were taken from their home, brought to the hotel and then brought to various locations in La Fortuna. The killers obviously were in search of money or some item of value.

The murders were considered locally as a payback for some transgression by the father. Investigators never said who the person was who ordered the killings.

The men who were freed have the last names of López and Sándigo.

The decision by the judicial panel said that the first problem stemmed from an Alcatel cell telephone that appears to have been a key piece of evidence. Also thrown out were disks that contained the contents of telephone calls.

The final decision will contain more aspects of the deliberation by the judges.

The two men were ordered to go free in the decision.

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