Man jailed after defending himself with knife from robber

A man was detained Sunday after police said he stabbed a person who attempted to rob him. Identified by the last name of Mena, the man was walking through the center of San José when the individual later identified by the last name of  Mendoza tried to rob him at Avenida 9 and Calle 0, according to a Fuerza Pública report.

In apparent self defense, Mena stabbed Mendoza in the chest, leaving him in critical condition, according to police. Mendoza was taken to a hospital and Mena was detained. Monday afternoon press representative for prosecutors said she believed Mena was still in criminal detention.

This is the second time in nearly a week that police have detained a person reportedly defending himself from an attack. Randall Alberto Torres Gómez was arrested July 12 in Ipis de Guadalupe after police said he tried to stop a suspected robbery taking place in the middle of the day.

When the assailant then took out a gun with the apparent intent of shooting, Torres pulled out his gun and fatally shot the presumed robber who was a 17 year old. according to a report from the Judicial Investigating Organization.

Police confiscated Torres’ registered .38-caliber pistol and the legal documents that he was carrying for the weapon.

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