Man who killed street robber remains in custody

A man arrested this month after killing a 17-year-old minor in an apparent act of self defense remains in detention, according to a spokeswoman from the Ministerio Público, the office of prosecutors. The man, Randall Alberto Torres Gómez, is under investigation for homicide after he was detained July 12.

They said at the time that the 30-year-old man, now identified as Torres, came upon a street robbery in Ipis de Guadalupe and ordered the robber to desist. When the robber pulled his own gun, the 30 year old fired.

Ministry spokeswoman Evelyn Durán Alvarado said the Fiscalía is waiting for a full report from the Judicial Investigating Organization that includes witness testimonies. Torres remains under custody despite the police report admitting he actedin self defense and had legal and up-to-date registry documents for his pistol.

This self defense case coincides with another that occurred Sunday in downtown San José when a man stabbed a suspect who reportedly tried to rob him, said a Fuerza Pública report. Ms. Durán said Tuesday afternoon that information on the incident is scarce and no update could be given on the man, identified by the last name Mena, who was detained on the scene.

The action by prosecutors is in contrast to that afforded a cruise ship passenger, an ex-U.S. Marine, who killed a robber in Limón Feb. 21, 2007. The robber tried to stickup a bus full of cruise ship passengers on a tour, but the ex-Marine grabbed him and choked him with the necklace the assailant was wearing. The Marine was allowed to leave the country the same day on the cruise ship.

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