Murdered woman identified fully

A United States woman who was killed Wednesday after being hit over the head with a rock has been identified as Esther Pearl Kropf Yoder, according to the Judicial Investigating Organization. The organization’s initial report named the 36-year-old Costa Rica resident as Crock.

More details emerged Thursday concerning the woman’s fatal outing in the mountainous area of Los Ángeles de Limoncito en Sabanillas de Coto Brus. According to judicial agents, a man who belonged in the same Mennonite sect as Kropf is considered the primary suspect.

Police said that the man, identified as Moisés Jimenéz Torres, attempted to sexually assault Kropf and beat her over the head with a large rock when she resisted. Torres, 20, then approached the religious group’s leader and they decided to alert authorities, who immediately arrived at the scene where Torres showed them where the body lay, the report said.

Torres is currently in custody awaiting a decision on his judicial status.

It appears the two had known each other for a long time as Torres told police that the woman had physically and emotionally attacked him from an early age. A spokesperson said there was no information on how long the woman was living in Costa Rica.

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