One window-breaking suspect caught

Fuerza Pública officers managed to catch a window-breaking suspect at the Circunvalacion in Hatillo.

To no one’s surprise the young man has been detained in the past for the same offense. Police are congratulating themselves because when there are stakeouts of the principal locations for this crime, the crooks move somewhere else.

The Judicial Investigating Organization revealed that there have been 18 such incidents along the main road from San Pedro to Curridabat. The judicial police said that there have been 50 incidents along the Circunvalación in just six months.

This is the crime where a crook bashes in a passenger-side window of  stopped vehicles and steals whatever is in view. Victims usually are women driving alone. The crooks may use a rock or a pipe to shatter the window, said judicial police.

The crime can take place whenever there is a traffic jam or a stop light. The stop lights on the Circunvalación are adjacent to the homes of some of the crooks in Hatillo 5 and 6. So the pickings are easy and the escape rapid.

Judicial agents said that the usual times for such activity in Hatillo is between 6 and 8 a.m. and 6 and 8 p.m. These are times of heavy traffic and long lines at the stop lights.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said that other arrests have been made, but the crimes continue. So they suggest that motorists not have anything valuable within reach.

In many cases, the crooks have spotters, perhaps women or fake vendors who spot a likely target.

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