Police effort may save 100 turtle babies

Law enforcement officials think they can save some 100 turtle eggs they confiscated when they were serving a warrant near the Río Parismina on the Caribbean coast.

Judicial agents and members of the Servicio Nacional de Guardacostas went to a location near the river to detain a man who is facing a charge of killing turtles.

They reported that when they arrived the man pulled up in a boat containing turtle meat and some 200 turtle eggs. The man and a companion were quickly detained, and police were able to sort out viable eggs. These were turned over to a turtle hatchery run by a non-profit organization, they said. The organization is the Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network.

Law officers also confiscated some 75 kilos of turtle meat. The eggs that were not viable appear to have been extracted fror the dead sea creature.

They said that the slain turtle carried a plate on a fin that appears to have been placed there for scientific research. They will attempt to locate those who did so and return the plate, they said.

Law officers sort the eggs that were confiscated.

Law officers sort the eggs that were confiscated.

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