President prepares his 100-day report

Luis Guillermo Solís’ presidency will hit the 100 day mark in mid-August, and Costa Rica’s head of state will make a report on his administration’s progress.

At his weekly press conference Tuesday, Solís said the review is about 95 percent complete and that he has asked to present it to legislators at the Asamblea Legislativa as early as Aug. 18. The report consists of individual updates from each Costa Rican ministry and public institution.

In terms of immediate improvements left to be made, Solís mentioned that he wants to shut down the country’s roadway agency, the Consejo Nacional de Vialidad, but that he must first meet with officials from the parent Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes.

Tuesday Solís, alongside the minister of Presidencia, Melvin Jiménez, also announced a long agenda planned for the Asamblea Legislativa. According to the nation’s Constitution, the president can set the agenda for certain periods when the assembly is called to meet.

Topics that the president plans to discuss with legislators include social security, poverty reduction, agriculture, energy usage, education, and the environment, among others.

“These projects reflect a viewpoint shared with other political forces and sectors that understand the urgency of moving forward with a shared agenda that fulfills the needs of Costa Ricans,” Solís said.

Jiménez said that after hearing citizens’ perspectives, the government considers these projects to be of extreme importance. He and the president are pressing these documented issues on to policy makers for immediate legal action and reform. He said the president decided to call a special session into effect after hearing complaints and suggestions from a range of citizens in a recent meeting.

“The call for the special session was made after meeting with legislators and with social representatives, business people, producers, and academics,” Jiménez said.

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