Program seeks to promote interconnectivity

A non-governmental organization is trying to spread the benefits of information technology into areas where there have been fewer benefits.

The Programa Recursos Digitales para el Desarrollo Económico Sostenible is conducting training, promoting the use of free software and setting up workshops.

In the last few months, the organization has provided training for 61 youngsters from Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala y Costa Rica, it said.

Although many organizations already have the equipment and the means to connect with others on important issues, studies show that there could be more use, said the program, which is being assisted by the Fundación Red de Energía, based in San José.

The goal is for more use of social networks and smartphones to exchamge information, such as between agricultural producers or cultural organizations.

“In Central America there still is much work to do,” said Alonso Alegre of the foundation. “For example the use of the internet to be a daily reality for a good part of the population that is isolated from the use of this tool that today is not a luxury and has converted itself into an indispensable resource in fields such as education, production and culture, if only to cite three cases.”

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