Rock ends life of U.S. woman expat

A man who she had raised is the prime suspect in the murder of a U.S. citizen Wednesday in Los Ángeles de Limoncito in Coto Brus.

The dead woman was identified by the Judicial Investigating Organization as Esther Pearl Kropf Yoder. She was between 35 and 40, agents said.

The judicial police said the suspect had lived with the woman for years since he was little. About 2 p.m. in a river near the home where they both lived, the man took a rock and struck the woman on the head, agents said. The man then called 911, and Fuerza Pública officers who arrived found the woman still in the river or creek.

The suspect is expected to claim that he acted in self-defense when the woman was aggressive toward him, said agents.

The man was discussing the event freely with investigators, the agency said.

The man  was being held overnight while the investigation continued. The  woman is believed to have been a long-time resident.

The judicial agents from Ciudad Neily are on the case.

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