San Pedro author addresses models of freedom in his new book

Issues of political freedom are ones that will always be under the public microscope through philosophical debates or current news events. One expat offers his perspective on the model of freedom in the United States with his latest book “On American Freedom: A Critique of the Country’s Core Value with a Reform Agenda.”

Author Kenneth Morris, who lives in San Pedro, said the book critiques contemporary notions of freedom to hypothesize a more politically and economically efficient model. “The basic idea is that the U.S. is the land of the free, but no one really knows what that means anymore,” he said.

Morris said his 228-page book dissects the liberal and republican forms of freedom that remain as American paradigms. He contends that shift towards the basic republican ideals and strengthening local state autonomies could present a type of freedom that doesn’t become so compromised by greedy economics.

“I don’t think the liberal form of freedom is ultimately sustainable,” he said. “You really need a more republican form of freedom anchored towards the good.”

Morris is a former professor of sociology who taught at the University of Georgia, among other institutions. He says he has been a Costa Rican resident for the past eight years. Copies of the book published by Palgrave Macmillan are offered on a variety of Web sites, including Amazon.morrisbook071814

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